Release Notes 2022.1.1

The 2022.1.1 release notes were released on 7/19/2022 and describe the following:

Version Content

The 2022.1.1 Release Notes describes the following:

  • Enhanced security features.

New Features

The 2022.1.1 Release Notes include the following new features:

Password Security Compliance

In compliance with GDPR standards, SQream now requires a strong password policy when accessing the CLI or Studio.

For more information, see Password Policy.

Known Issues

The following table lists the known issues for Version 2022.1.1:

SQ No.



An internal compiler error occurred when casting Numeric literals in an aggregation function.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the issues that were resolved in Version 2022.1.1:

SQ No.



Inserting 100K bytes into a text column resulted in an unclear error message.


An unclear message was displayed when users ran UPDATE on foreign tables.

Operations and Configuration Changes

The login_max_retries configuration flag is required for adjusting the permitted log-in attempts.

For more information, see Adjusting the Permitted Log-In Attempts.

Naming Changes

No relevant naming changes were made.

Deprecated Features

In SQream version 2022.1 the VARCHAR data type has been deprecated and replaced with TEXT. SQream will maintain VARCHAR in all previous versions until completing the migration to TEXT, at which point it will be deprecated in all earlier versions. SQream also provides an automated and secure tool to facilitate and simplify migration from VARCHAR to TEXT.

If you are using an earlier version of SQream, see the Using Legacy String Literals configuration flag.

End of Support

The End of Support section is not relevant to Version 2022.1.1.

Upgrading to v2022.1.1

  1. Generate a back-up of the metadata by running the following command:

    $ select backup_metadata('out_path');


    SQream recommends storing the generated back-up locally in case needed.

    SQream runs the Garbage Collector and creates a clean backup tarball package.

  2. Shut down all SQream services.

  3. Extract the recently created back-up file.

  4. Replace your current metadata with the metadata you stored in the back-up file.

  5. Navigate to the new SQream package bin folder.

  6. Run the following command:

    $ ./upgrade_storage <levelDB path>


Upgrading from a major version to another major version requires you to follow the Upgrade Storage step. This is described in Step 7 of the Upgrading SQream Version procedure.