SQream DB’s main worker is called sqreamd.

This page serves as a reference for the options and parameters.

Starting SQream DB

Start SQream DB temporarily

In general, you should not need to run sqreamd manually, but it is sometimes useful for testing.

$ nohup sqreamd -config ~/.sqream/sqream_config.json &

Using nohup and & sends SQream DB to run in the background.

To stop the active worker:

$ kill -9 $SQREAM_PID


It is safe to stop SQream DB at any time using kill. No partial data or data corruption should occur when using this method to stop the process.

Command line arguments

sqreamd supports the following command line arguments:

Argument Default Description
--version None Outputs the version of SQream DB and immediately exits.
-config $HOME/.sqream/sqream_config.json Specifies the configuration file to use
--port_ssl Don’t use SSL When specified, tells SQream DB to listen for SSL connections

Positional command arguments

sqreamd also supports positional arguments, when not using a configuration file.

This method can be used to temporarily start a SQream DB worker for testing.

$ sqreamd <Storage path> <GPU ordinal> <TCP listen port (unsecured)> <License path>
Argument Required Description
Storage path Full path to a valid SQream DB persistant storage
GPU Ordinal Number representing the GPU to use. Check GPU ordinals with nvidia-smi -L
TCP listen port (unsecured) TCP port SQream DB should listen on. Recommended: 5000
License path Full path to a SQream DB license file