upgrade_storage is used to upgrade metadata schemas, when upgrading between major versions.

This page serves as a reference for the options and parameters.

Running upgrade_storage

upgrade_storage can be found in the bin directory of your SQream DB installation.

Command line arguments

upgrade_storage contains one positional argument:

$ upgrade_storage <storage path>
Argument Required Description
Storage path Full path to a valid storage cluster

Results and error codes

Result Message Description
Success storage has been upgraded successfully to version 26 Storage has been successfully upgraded
Success no need to upgrade Storage doesn’t need an upgrade
Failure: can’t read storage levelDB is in use by another application Check permissions, and ensure no SQream DB workers or metadata_server are running when performing this operation.


Upgrade SQream DB’s storage cluster

$ ./upgrade_storage /home/rhendricks/raviga_database
get_leveldb_version path{/home/rhendricks/raviga_database}
current storage version 23
upgrade_storage to 24
upgrade_storage to 24 - Done
upgrade_storage to 25
upgrade_storage to 25 - Done
upgrade_storage to 26
upgrade_storage to 26 - Done
storage has been upgraded successfully to version 26

This message confirms that the cluster has already been upgraded correctly.