Password Policy

The Password Policy describes the following:

Password Strength Requirements

As part of our compliance with GDPR standards SQream relies on a strong password policy when accessing the CLI or Studio, with the following requirements:

  • At least eight characters long.

  • Mandatory upper and lowercase letters.

  • At least one numeric character.

  • May not include a username.

  • Must include at least one special character, such as ?, !, $, etc.

You can create a password by using the Studio graphic interface or using the CLI, as in the following example command:

CREATE ROLE user_a ;
GRANT LOGIN to user_a ;
GRANT PASSWORD 'BBAu47?fqPL' to user_a ;

Creating a password which does not comply with the password policy generates an error message with a request to include any of the missing above requirements:

The password you attempted to create does not comply with SQream's security requirements.

Your password must:

* Be at least eight characters long.

* Contain upper and lowercase letters.

* Contain at least one numeric character.

* Not include a username.

* Include at least one special character, such as **?**, **!**, **$**, etc.

Brute Force Prevention

Unsuccessfully attempting to log in five times displays the following message:

The user is locked. Please contact your system administrator to reset the password and regain access functionality.

You must have superuser permissions to release a locked user to grant a new password:

GRANT PASSWORD '<password>' to <blocked_user>;

For more information, see Adjusting Permitted Log-in Attempts.


Because superusers can also be blocked, you must have at least two superusers per cluster.