SQL Syntax Features

SQreamDB supports SQL from the ANSI 92 syntax.



Identifiers and Keywords

Keywords are reserved words with specific meanings, while identifiers are used to name database objects like tables and columns.


Literals are fixed values representing specific data types, such as numbers or strings, used directly in SQL statements.

Scalar expressions

Scalar expressions are single-value computations that operate on one or more values to produce a single result.


Joins combine rows from two or more tables based on a related column to retrieve data from multiple sources in a single result set.

Common Table Expressions

Common Table Expressions (CTEs) are named temporary result sets that simplify complex queries by allowing the definition of subqueries for better readability and reusability.

Window Functions

Window Functions perform calculations across a specified range of rows related to the current row, offering advanced analytics and aggregation within result sets.


Subqueries are nested queries that are embedded within a larger query to retrieve data, perform calculations, or filter results based on the outcome of the inner query.

Null handling

Null handling involves managing and evaluating the presence of null values, representing unknown or undefined data, to avoid unexpected results in queries and expressions.

SQream Scripting

Metalanguage scripting enhances your interaction with SQL by providing conventions which allow dynamic generation, management, and automation of SQL code.