A SQream DB deployment containing several workers running on one or more nodes.
A machine running SQream DB workers.
A SQream DB application that can respond to statements. Several workers can run on one or more nodes to form a cluster.
SQream DB’s internal storage which contains details about database objects.
Authentication is the process that identifies a user or role to verify an identity - to make sure the user is who they say they are. This is done with a username and password.
Authorization defines the set of actions that an authenticaed role can perform after gaining access to the system, protecting from threats that authentication controls alone are not enough against.
A role is a group or a user, depending on the permissions granted. A role groups together a set of permissions.
A set of views that contains information (metadata) about the objects in a database (e.g. tables, columns, chunks, etc…).
Storage cluster
The storage cluster is the directory in which SQream DB stores data, including database objects, metadata database, and logs.