Release Notes 4.2

SQream is introducing a new version release system that follows the more commonly used Major.Minor.Patch versioning schema. The newly released 4.0 version is a minor version upgrade and does not require considerable preparation.

The 4.2 release notes were released on 04/23/2023 and describe the following:

New Features

Apache Spark may now be used for large-scale data processing.

Physical deletion performance enhancement by supporting file systems with parallelism capabilities

Newly Released Connector Drivers

► Pysqream 3.2.5
► ODBC 4.4.4
► JDBC 4.5.8
► Spark 5.0.0

Compatibility Matrix

System Requirement


Supported OS

  • CentOS / REHL - 7.6 - 7.9

  • IBM RedHat 7.6

supported Nvidia driver

CUDA version from 10.1 up to 11.4.3

Storage version


Driver compatibility

  • JDBC 4.5.8

  • ODBC 4.4.4

  • NodeJS

  • .NET 3.0.2

  • Pysqream 3.2.5

  • Spark

SQream Studio Updates and Improvements

SQream Studio v5.5.4 has been released.

Known Issues

Version 4.2 Resolved Issues

SQ No.



Foreign table SELECT statement issue


cleanup_extent operation buffer issue


Pysqream NULL value issue


Clean up process is case sensitive


Storage upgrade issue

Configuration Changes

No configuration changes

Naming Changes

No naming changes

Deprecated Features


Due to Parquet’s lack of support of the INT96 data type, SQream has decided to deprecate this data type.

► Square Brackets []

The [], which are frequently used to delimit identifiers such as column names, table names, and other database objects, will soon be deprecated to facilitate the use of the ARRAY data type.

  • Support in [] for delimiting database object identifiers ends on June 1st, 2023.

  • To delimit database object identifiers, you will be able to use double quotes "".


The VARCHAR data type is deprecated to improve the core functionalities of the platform and to align with the constantly evolving ecosystem requirements.

  • Support in the VARCHAR data type ends at September 30th, 2023.

  • VARCHAR is no longer supported for new customers, effective from Version 2022.1.3.

  • The TEXT data type is replacing the VARCHAR and NVARCHAR data types.

End of Support

No End of Support changes were made.

Upgrading to v4.2

  1. Generate a back-up of the metadata by running the following command:

    $ select backup_metadata('out_path');


    SQream recommends storing the generated back-up locally in case needed.

    SQream runs the Garbage Collector and creates a clean backup tarball package.

  2. Shut down all SQream services.

  3. Copy the recently created back-up file.

  4. Replace your current metadata with the metadata you stored in the back-up file.

  5. Navigate to the new SQream package bin folder.

  6. Run the following command:

    $ ./upgrade_storage <levelDB path>


Upgrading from a major version to another major version requires you to follow the Upgrade Storage step. This is described in Step 7 of the Upgrading SQream Version procedure.