You can use the SqreamStorage program to create a new storage cluster.

The SqreamStorage page serves as a reference for the options and parameters.

Running SqreamStorage

The SqreamStorage program is located in the bin directory of your SQream installation..

Command Line Arguments

The SqreamStorage program supports the following command line arguments:






Creates a storage cluster at a specified path



Specifies the cluster path. The path must not already exist.


The Examples section describes how to create a new storage cluster at /home/rhendricks/raviga_database:

$ SqreamStorage --create-cluster --cluster-root /home/rhendricks/raviga_database
Setting cluster version to: 26

Alternatively, you can write this in shorthand as SqreamStorage -C -r /home/rhendricks/raviga_database. A message is displayed confirming that your cluster has been created.