Configuring Your Instance of SQreams

The Configuration section lets you edit parameters from one centralized location. While you can edit these parameters from the worker configuration file (config.json) or from your CLI, you can also modify them in Studio in an easy-to-use format.

Configuring your instance of SQream in Studio is session-based, which enables you to edit parameters per session on your own device. Because session-based configurations are not persistent and are deleted when your session ends, you can edit your required parameters while avoiding conflicts between parameters edited on different devices at different points in time.

Editing Your Parameters

When configuring your instance of SQream in Studio you can edit session and cluster parameters only.

Studio includes two types of parameters: toggle switches, such as flipJoinOrder, and text fields, such as logSysLevel. After editing a parameter, you can reset each one to its previous value or to its default value individually, or revert all parameters to their default setting simultaneously. Note that you must click Save to save your configurations.

You can hover over the information icon located on each parameter to read a short description of its behavior.

Exporting and Importing Configuration Files

You can also export and import your configuration settings into a .json file. This allows you to easily edit your parameters and to share this file with other users if required.