Saving Query Results to a CSV or PSV File

You can save query results to a CSV or PSV file using the sqream sql command from a CLI client. This saves your query results to the selected delimited file format, as shown in the following example:

$ sqream sql --username=mjordan --database=nba --host=localhost --port=5000 -c "SELECT * FROM nba LIMIT 5" --results-only --delimiter='|' > nba.psv
$ cat nba.psv
Avery Bradley           |Boston Celtics        |0|PG|25|6-2 |180|Texas                 |7730337
Jae Crowder             |Boston Celtics        |99|SF|25|6-6 |235|Marquette            |6796117
John Holland            |Boston Celtics        |30|SG|27|6-5 |205|Boston University    |\N
R.J. Hunter             |Boston Celtics        |28|SG|22|6-5 |185|Georgia State        |1148640
Jonas Jerebko           |Boston Celtics        |8|PF|29|6-10|231|\N|5000000

For more output options, see Controlling the Client Output.

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