Google Cloud Platform

Ingesting data using Google Cloud Platform (GCP) requires configuring Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket access. You may configure SQreamDB to separate source and destination by granting read access to one bucket and write access to a different bucket. Such separation requires that each bucket be individually configured.

Google Cloud Platform URI Format

Specify a location for a file (or files) when using COPY FROM or Foreign Tables.

The following is an example of the general GCP syntax:

gs://<gcs path>/<gcs_bucket>/

Granting GCP access

Before You Begin

It is essential that you have a GCP service account string.

String example:
  1. In your Google Cloud console, go to Select a project and select the desired project.

  2. From the PRODUCTS menu, select Cloud Storage > Buckets.

  3. Select the bucket you wish to configure; or create a new bucket by selecting CREATE and following the Create a bucket procedure, and select the newly created bucket.

  4. Select UPLOAD FILES and upload the data files you wish SQreamDB to ingest.

  5. Go to PERMISSIONS and select GRANT ACCESS.

  6. Under Add principals, in the New principals box, paste your service account string.

  7. Under Assign roles, in the Select a role box, select Storage Admin.

  8. Select ADD ANOTHER ROLE and in the newly created Select a role box, select Storage Object Admin.

  9. Select SAVE.


Optimize access time to your data by configuring the location of your bucket according to Google Cloud location considerations.


COPY table_name FROM WRAPPER csv_fdw OPTIONS(location = 'gs://mybucket/sqream-demo-data/file.csv');