SQream DB Documentation

SQream DB is a columnar analytic SQL database management system. SQream DB supports regular SQL including a substantial amount of ANSI SQL, uses serializable transactions, and scales horizontally for concurrent statements. Even a basic SQream DB machine can support tens to hundreds of terabytes of data. SQream DB easily plugs in to third-party tools like Tableau comes with standard SQL client drivers, including JDBC, ODBC, and Python DB-API.



Getting Started

Preparing Your Machine to Install SQreamDB

Set up your local machine according to SQream’s recommended pre-installation configurations.

Executing Statements in SQream

Provides more information about the available methods for executing statements in SQream.

Performing Basic SQream Operations

Provides more information on performing basic operations.

Hardware Guide

Describes SQream’s mandatory and recommended hardware settings, designed for a technical audience.

Installation Guides

Installing and Launching SQreamDB

Refers to SQream’s installation guides.

Installing SQream Studio

Refers to all installation guides required for installations related to Studio.

Ingesting Data

Ingesting Data from a CSV File

Ingesting Data from Avro

Ingesting Data from a Parquet File


Connecting to SQream

Client Platforms

Describes how to install and connect a variety of third party connection platforms and tools.

Client Drivers

Describes how to use the SQream client drivers and client applications with SQream.

External Storage Platforms

Amazon Web Services

Describes how to insert data over a native S3 connector.

HDFS Environment

Describes how to configure an HDFS environment for the user sqream and is only relevant for users with an HDFS environment.

Need help?

If you couldn’t find what you’re looking for, we’re always happy to help. Visit SQream’s support portal for additional support.