Release Notes 2022.1.5

The 2022.1.5 release notes were released on 11/02/2022 and describe the following:

New Features

The 2022.1.5 Release Notes include the following new features:

  • keys_evaluate utility function enhancement - add problematic chunk ID to the function’s output report

  • Automatically close database client connections that have been open for 24 hours without any active statements

  • release_defunct_locks utility function enhancement to receive new optional input parameter to specify timeout - for more details see Lock Related Issues.

  • Metadata scale up process improvement through RocksDB configuration improvements

Storage Version

The storage version presently in effect is version 42.

Known Issues

Recently discovered issue with the encryption feature, at this time SQream recommends to avoid using this feature - a fix will be introduced in the near future.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the issues that were resolved in Version 2022.1.5:

SQ No.



Tableau connection are not getting closed


SQream Command Line Interface connectivity issues


SQream Studio Logs pages filtering issues


Log related configuration flags are not working as expected


Missing validation of sufficient GPU memory


CUME_DIST function causes query execution errors


GetDate casting to as text returns DATE with 0s in the time part or no time part at all


Server Picker and Meta Data server may not be deployed on servers without GPU


Worker thread increase


Worker down issue


Non-Unicode character query execution error

Operations and Configuration Changes

No configuration changes were made.

Naming Changes

No relevant naming changes were made.

Deprecated Features

SQream is declaring end of support of VARCHAR data type, the decision resulted by SQream’s effort to enhance its core functionalities and with respect to ever changing echo system requirements.

VARCHAR is no longer supported for new customers - effective from Version 2022.1.3 (September 2022).

TEXT data type is replacing VARCHAR - SQream will maintain VARCHAR data type support until 09/30/2023.

End of Support

No End of Support changes were made.

Upgrading to v2022.1.5

  1. Generate a back-up of the metadata by running the following command:

    $ select backup_metadata('out_path');


    SQream recommends storing the generated back-up locally in case needed.

    SQream runs the Garbage Collector and creates a clean backup tarball package.

  2. Shut down all SQream services.

  3. Extract the recently created back-up file.

  4. Replace your current metadata with the metadata you stored in the back-up file.

  5. Navigate to the new SQream package bin folder.

  6. Run the following command:

    $ ./upgrade_storage <levelDB path>


Upgrading from a major version to another major version requires you to follow the Upgrade Storage step. This is described in Step 7 of the Upgrading SQream Version procedure.