Release Notes 2020.3

The 2020.3 release notes were released on October 8, 2020 and describes the following:


SQream DB v2020.3 contains new features, performance enhancements, and resolved issues.

New Features

The following list describes the new features:

  • Parquet and ORC files can now be exported to local storage, S3, and HDFS with COPY TO and foreign data wrappers.

  • New error tolerance features when loading data with foreign data wrappers.

  • TEXT is ramping up with new features (previously only available with VARCHARs):

  • sqream_studio v5.1

    • New log viewer helps you track and debug what’s going on in SQream DB.

    • Dashboard now also available for non-k8s deployments.

    • The editor contains a new query concurrency tool for date and numeric ranges.

Performance Enhancements

The following list describes the performance enhancements:

  • Error handling for CSV FDW.

  • Enable logging errors - ORC, Parquet, CSV.

  • Add limit and offset options to csv_fdw import.

  • Enable logging errors to an external file when skipping CSV, Parquet, and ORC errors.

  • Option to specify date format to the CSV FDW.

  • Support all existing VARCHAR functions with TEXT on GPU.

  • Support INSERT INTO + ORDER BY optimization for non-clustered tables.

  • Performance improvements with I/O.

Resolved Issues

The following list describes the resolved issues:

  • Better error message when passing the max errors limit. This was fixed.

  • showFullExceptionInfo is no longer restricted to Developer Mode. This was fixed.

  • An StreamAggregateA reduction error occured when performing aggregation on a NULL column. This was fixed.

  • Insert into query fails with “”Error at Sql phase during Stages “”rewriteSqlQuery””. This was fixed.

  • Casting from VARCHAR to TEXT does not remove the spaces. This was fixed.

  • An Internal Runtime Error t1.size() == t2.size() occurs when querying the sqream_catalog.delete_predicates. This was fixed.

  • spoolMemoryGB and limitQueryMemoryGB show incorrectly in the runtime global section of show_conf. This was fixed.

  • Casting empty text to int causes illegal memory access. This was fixed.

  • Copying from the TEXT field is 1.5x slower than the VARCHAR equivalent. This was fixed.

  • TPCDS 10TB - Internal runtime error (std::bad_alloc: out of memory) occurs on 2020.1.0.2. This was fixed.

  • An unequal join on non-existing TEXT caused a system crash. This was fixed.

  • An Internal runtime time error occured when using TEXT (tpcds). This was fixed.

  • Copying CSV with a quote in the middle of a field to a TEXT field does not produce the required error. This was fixed.

  • Cannot monitor long network insert loads with SQream. This was fixed.

  • Upper and like performance on TEXT. This was fixed.

  • Insert into from 4 instances would get stuck (hanging). This was fixed.

  • An invalid formatted CSV would cause an insufficient memory error on a COPY FROM statement if a quote was not closed and the file was much larger than system memory. This was fixed.

  • TEXT columns cannot be used with an outer join together with an inequality check (!= , <>). This was fixed.

Known Issues And Limitations

The following list describes the known issues and limitations:

  • Cast from TEXT to a DATE or DATETIME errors when the TEXT column contains NULL

  • Casting an empty TEXT field to an INT type returns 0 instead of erroring

  • Multiple COUNT( distinct ... ) operations on the TEXT data type are currently unsupported

  • Multiple COUNT( distinct ... ) operations within the same query are limited to “developer mode” due to an instability that was identified. If you rely on this feature, contact your SQream account manager to enable this feature.

Upgrading to v2020.3

Versions are available for IBM POWER9, RedHat (CentOS) 7, Ubuntu 18.04, and other OSs via Docker.

Contact your account manager to get the latest release of SQream.