What’s new in 2020.3.2

SQream DB v2020.3.2 contains major performance improvements and some bug fixes.

Performance Enhancements

  • Metadata on Demand optimization resulting in reduced latency and improved overall performance

Known Issues & Limitations

  • Bug with STDDEV_SAMP,STDDEV_POP and STDEV functions

  • Window function query returns wrong results

  • rank() in window function sometimes returns garbage

  • Window function on null value could have bad result

  • Window function lead() on varchar can have garbage results

  • Performance degradation when using “groupby” or outer_join

Upgrading to v2020.3.2

Versions are available for IBM POWER9, RedHat (CentOS) 7, Ubuntu 18.04, and other OSs via Docker.

Contact your account manager to get the latest release of SQream DB.