What’s New in 2020.3.1

SQream DB v2020.3.1 contains minor features, many performance improvements and bug fixes.

New or expanded features

  • TEXT data type:
    • Full support for MIN and MAX aggregate functions on TEXT columns in GROUP BY queries
    • Support Text-type as window partition keys (e.g., select distinct name, max(id) over (partition by name) from textTable;)
    • Support Text-type fields in windows order by keys
    • Support join on Text columns (e.g., t1.x = t2.y where x and y are columns of type Text)
    • Complete the implementation of LIKE on TEXT columns (previously limited to prefix & suffix)
    • Support for cast fromm TEXT to REAL/FLOAT
    • New string function - REPEAT which repeats a string value for a specified number of times
  • Allow mapping DECIMAL ORC columns to SQream’s floating-point types
  • Support LIKE on non-literal patterns (i.e., columns and complex expressions)
  • Catch OS signals and save the signal along with the stack trace in the SQream debug log
  • Support equijoins conditions on columns with different types (i.e., tinyint, smallint, int & bigint)
  • DUMP_DATABASE_DDL now includes foreign tables in the output
  • New utility function - TRUNCATE_IF_EXISTS

Performance Enhancements

  • Introduced the “MetaData on Demand” feature which results in signicant proformance improvements
  • Implement regex functions (RLIKE, REGEXP_COUNT, REGEXP_INSTR, REGEXP_SUBSTR, PATINDEX) for TEXT columns on GPU

Bug fixes

  • Multiple distinct aggregates no longer need to be used with developerMode flag
  • In some scenrios, the statement_id and connection_id values are incorrectly recorded as -1 in the log
  • NOT RLIKE is not supported for TEXT in the compiler
  • Cast from TEXT to date/datetime returns an error when the TEXT column contains NULL

Known Issues & Limitations

Upgrading to v2020.3.1

Versions are available for IBM POWER9, RedHat (CentOS) 7, Ubuntu 18.04, and other OSs via Docker.

Contact your account manager to get the latest release of SQream DB.