The NTH_VALUE function returns the value located in the selected column of a specified row of a segment. While the NTH_VALUE function is identical to the FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE functions, it requires you to add a literal and whole int type n value representing the row number containing the value that you want. If you select an n value larger than the number of rows in the table, the NTH_VALUE function returns NULL.


The following shows the correct syntax for the NTH_VALUE function.

NTH_VALUE(Selected_Column, n) OVER (...)


The following example shows the syntax for a table named superstore used for tracking item sales in thousands:

CREATE TABLE superstore
   "Section" varchar(40),
   "Product_Name" varchar(40),
   "Sales_In_K" int,

The following example shows the output of the syntax above:

Section Product_Name Sales_In_K
bed pillow_case 17
bath rubber_duck 22
beyond curtain 15
bed side_table 8
bath shampoo 9
bed blanket 7
bath bath_bomb 13
bath conditioner 17
beyond lamp 7
bath soap 13
beyond rug 12
bed pillow 17