What’s New in 2021.2

The 2021.2 release notes were released on 13/9/2021.

New Features

The 2021.2 Release Notes include the following new features:

New Driver Compatibility

The 2021.2 release supports the following drivers:

  • JDBC - new driver version (JDBC 4.5) with important bug fixes.
  • ODBC - ODBC 4.1.1. available on request.
  • NodeJS - all versions starting with NodeJS 4.0. SQream recommends the latest version (NodeJS 4.2.4).
  • Dot Net - SQream recommends version version 3.02 (compatible with DotNet version 48).
  • Pysqream - pysqream 3.1.2

Centralized Configuration System

SQream now uses a new configuration system based on centralized configuration accessible from SQream Studio.

For more information, see the following:

  • Configuration - describes how to configure your instance of SQream from a centralized location.
  • SQream Studio 5.4.0 - configure your instance of SQream from Studio.

Qualifying Schemas Without Providing an Alias

When running queries, SQream now supports qualifying schemas without providing an alias.

For more information, see CREATE SCHEMA.

Double-Quotations Supported When Importing and Exporting CSVs

When importing and exporting CSVs, SQream now supports using quotation characters other than double quotation marks (").

For more information, see the following:

Note the following:

  • Leaving <x> unspecified uses the default value of standard double quotations .

  • The quotation character must be a single, 1-byte printable ASCII character. The same octal syntax of the copy command can be used.

  • The quote character cannot be contained in the field delimiter, record delimiter, or null marker.

  • Double-quotations can be customized when the csv_fdw value is used with the COPY FROM and CREATE FOREIGN TABLE statements.

  • The default escape character always matches the quote character, and can be overridden by using the ESCAPE = {'\\' | E'\XXX') syntax as shown in the following examples:

    copy t from wrapper csv_fdw options (location = '/tmp/file.csv', escape='\\');
    copy t from wrapper csv_fdw options (location = '/tmp/file.csv', escape=E'\017');
    copy t to wrapper csv_fdw options (location = '/tmp/file.csv', escape='\\');

For more information, see the following statements:

  • COPY FROM - Loading data from files on the filesystem and importing it into SQream tables.

  • CREATE FOREIGN TABLE - Creating a new foreign table in an existing database.