Before you begin

Before you install or deploy SQream DB, please verify you have the following:

  • An NVIDIA-capable server, either on-premise or on supported cloud platforms.

    • Supported operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux v7.x / CentOS v7.x / Ubuntu 18.04 / Amazon Linux
    • NVIDIA GPU. A Tesla GPU is highly recommended. See more information in our Hardware Guide.
    • A privileged SSH connection to the server (sudo)
  • A SQream DB license (contact or your SQream account manager for your license key)

  • A 3rd party tool that can connect to SQream DB via JDBC, ODBC, or Python

If you do not have a SQream DB license, visit our website and sign up for SQream DB today!

Refer to our Hardware Guide for more information about supported and recommended configurations.

What does the installation process look like?

To install SQream DB, we will go through the following steps:

  1. Prepare the host OS for NVIDIA driver installation
  2. Install the NVIDIA driver
  3. Install Docker CE
  4. Install nvidia-docker2
  5. Prepare disk space for SQream DB
  6. Install SQream DB
  7. Additional system configuration for performance and stability

What’s next?