SQream DB is GPU database, for fast, complex SQL analytics and data warehousing.

Get familiar with SQream DB below!

SQL Reference

See the commands, types and functions that SQream DB supports.

Getting Started

Hardware Requirements

View the hardware requirements and recommendations for a SQream DB installation

Installation Best Practices

View the best practices for properly configuring a SQream DB installation

Database Administration Guide

SQream’s DBA guide

Administation Dashboard Installation Guide

Step-by-step Administration Dashboard Installation Guide

SQL Editor Installation Guide

Step-by-step SQL Editor Installation Guide

SQream UI Guide

Administration Dashboard Guide

Guide for the SQream DB web-based UI for monitoring and administering SQream DB installations, managing roles, and starting and stopping the SQream DB instances.

SQL Editor Guide

Guide detailing the usage of the SQream DB web-based SQL Editor, which makes it easy to run ad-hoc SQL queries, without configuring a client.

Connector Documentation

ODBC and JDBC for Windows

Install SQream’s JDBC, ODBC drivers using a Windows installer.

ODBC for Linux

Install and configure the SQream ODBC driver for Linux.


Install instructions and sample code for the SQream JDBC driver.


Implement the SQream Python driver.


Implement the SQream Node.js driver.


Implement the SQream .NET driver.


Implement the SQream Native C++ connector.

Java API

Implement the SQream Native Java connector.


Knowledge Base and Ticketing System

Visit our knowledge base and ticketing system for support with your SQream DB installation.


Download Connectors

Download all available SQream connectors and drivers.