This document describes SQream DB software, hardware, and network requirements for an on-premise installation.

1. Hardware requirements

Table 1. SQream hardware requirements
Component Recommended


Rackmount chassis capable of housing 2 or more NVIDIA GPUs.
Dell R730, Dell C4130, Cisco UCS C240 M4, HP DL380g9,
Lenovo System x3650 M5, Supermicro SYS-2028U / 6028U,
Supermicro SYS-2028GR, Gigabyte G250-G50, Gigabyte G190-H44


Dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v4 processor with at least 8C/16HT, (each).
Suggested model: Intel Xeon E5-2697 v4


128 GB RAM per logical GPU


2x NVIDIA Tesla K80, P40, or P100


2x 1100W redundant PSU

In-machine storage

Hardware RAID card with battery/capacitor backup

2x 100GB SSD (RAID1) for OS
2x 400GB SSD (RAID1) for fast spooling
See Storage requirements below for additional information about main database storage.

  • SQream DB instances make use of CPU cores, RAM, and temporary spools.
    Higher allocations will allow for better performance.

  • While SQream DB can run on standard desktops or even NVIDIA equipped laptops, this is not recommended.
    The above requirements are designed for good balanced performance.

2. Storage requirements

In a standalone installation, it is also recommended that you have storage available in the machine.
It is recommended to achieve at minimum 600 IOPS in a RAID 5 configuration.

Table 2. SQream storage requirements
Component Recommended

Main storage (standalone)

10x 600GB SAS 10k
or 10x 600GB Balanced SAS SSD
in RAID5 or RAID6 configuration

External SAN/NAS (for clustered configuration)

Capable of achieving 500MB/s throughput per GPU

  • Recommended file-systems are XFS on LVM, or EXT4 on LVM.
    XFS on LVM is required if storage snapshot capabilities are required.

  • Set nobarrier and discard parameters when mounting SSD, and nobarrier when mounting other types of drives

3. Software requirements

SQream DB requires a 64 bit Linux installation

Table 3. SQream software requirement
Distro Recommended





Amazon Linux


4. Network requirements

Table 4. SQream network requirements
Component Recommended


10 GbE


SQream DB fabric - 2x 1 GbE, bonded
Storage fabric - 40 GbE or InfiniBand

SQream DB has the following setup requirements:

  • Allow database end-points (your users, applications) to connect to the SQream DB server instance

  • Allow all nodes in the cluster to talk to each other over the SQream protocol:
    (Default ports 5000-5003) and SQream DB metadata interface (ports 3105-3108)

  • We also highly recommend configuring your firewall to prevent other hosts on the Internet from connecting to SQream DB.

  • On cloud instances, enhanced networking should be enabled.